Lighting the Wooden Wick

Make sure to light the wick from the bottom up; where the wooden wick meets the wax. As the wooden wick becomes enflamed you'll see that the flame will get high but then simmer down. If it looks like the flame is about to extinguish, it won't; let it run it's course. 

Burning Sessions

In the very first burning session allow the candle's soy wax to melt all the way to the edges of the jar before turning it off, as this will avoid the wax from tunneling.

Each burning session should be a maximum of 3 to 4 hours, as any longer will overheat the candle and begin to evaporate all the juicy essential oils int he wax.


Trimming the Wick

After each burning session it is highly advisable to trim your wooden wick. After turning off the candle and allowing it to cool, break off the black tip of the wood with your finger tips. This will guarantee that your next burning session will be continuous and clean.

Keeping Your Wax Clean

To assure that your soy wax continues to burn clean and transparent all throughout, make sure to keep it free from debris, especially when breaking off the black tip from the wick. Any ash that lands on the wax and mixes in it while it's burning will turn the soy into chocolate milk. The odds are already in your favor as the wooden wick doesn't allow for soot buildup.


If by any chance your wooden wick is not staying lit in the first burning session, turn it completely off, let the candle cool down, break off the black tip, and relight.